Clinical indices of the condition of the periodontium in patients with chronic generalized periodontium with various histological outcomes of the anti-inflammatory stage of treatment

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The article describes 3 groups of biopsy samples obtained from 74 patients with chronic periodontitis before and after a basic anti-inflammatory course (Group 1: active inflammation; Group 2: minimal inflammation; Group 3: "stationary" stage of inflammation). In 28 (37.8%) patients minimal inflammation remained in gingival biopsy samples at the end of treatment, while their clinical indices were normal, which indicated an unfavorable outcome of treatment. Retrospective analysis of the results of clinical examination in groups with a favorable and unfavorable outcome of treatment revealed significant differences between the groups. In the group with an unfavorable outcome mean age was 46.8±11.64 years, the duration of the disease was 10 years or more, Fuchs OI was 59%, Russell's PI index was more than 5.27, and the depth of periodontal pockets was 4 mm or more; these indices were statistically higher than the same ones in the group with a favorable outcome. These data can be used to predict the outcome of anti-inflammatory treatment.


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