The article presents information about some pathological changes in periodontal tissues during experimental osteoporosis. The experiments were conducted on 8 three-year sheep, which have at different times after ovariectomy removed dentoalveolar segments in the region of incisors of the lower jaw. Pathological changes in periodontal animals in experimental osteoporosis were local manifestations of the general condition of the body that are typical of acute hypoxia mixed character. It was found that experimental osteoporosis in periodontal develop processes accompanied by acute circulatory disorders, which worsen the conditions of metabolism, which ultimately leads to destructive changes of argyrophilic and collagen fibrils, as well as individual nerve fibers. Studies have shown that these effects are reversible, and after 120 days to the fore the phenomenon of compensation in periodontal starting to recover basic histological structure. Prolonged hypoxia, as the main link in the pathogenesis of degenerative and inflammatory of forms of periodontal disease may be modified by the proven of efficiency pharmacological means. The detected changes at the osteoporosis models can be the basis for further study of the role of autologous mesenchymal stem cells and materials-matrices of various origins in optimizing the osseointegration process.

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About the authors

N. I Bykova

Department of pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery Kuban state medical University, Russian Ministry of health

Author for correspondence.
Russia, 355063, Krasnodar

T. L Kobylkina

Department of dentistry Stavropol State Medical University Ministry of health of Russia

Russia, 355017, Stavropol

V. A Grigoryan

Department of dentistry Stavropol State Medical University Ministry of health of Russia

Russia, 355017, Stavropol

A. A Adamchik

Department of therapeutic dentistry Kuban state medical University, Russian Ministry of health

Russia, 355063, Krasnodar

A. V Arutyunov

Department of therapeutic dentistry Kuban state medical University, Russian Ministry of health

Russia, 355063, Krasnodar


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