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Vol 19, No 1 (2015)


Sanitary-chemical and toxicological study of a new polymeric material for bases dentures "Nolatek"

Dubova L.V., Lebedenko I.Y., Madzhidova E.R., Deev M.S.


Based on sanitary-chemical studies of new polymer material for denture bases «Nolatek» proved its high chemical inertness. Concentration detected in extracts from samples of a material «Nolatek» some components of a polymeric composition, significantly less than what are present in extracts from dental materials, commonly used in a dental practice.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):4-7
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Influence of quantity of recasting on change of physicomechanical properties of native base dental alloys for manufacturing metal-ceramic dental prosthesis

Lebedenko I.Y., Yurkovets P.V., Deev M.S.


The main structural materials forfixed dental prostheses remain base alloys that veneer ceramic coatings. Dental technicians are increasingly using in their work the gates, which, according to some authors, can strongly modify the preset manufacturer physico-mechanical properties and cytotoxicity of alloys. For scientific substantiation of the maximum permissible number remelts we have investigated the changes in physical-mechanical properties (coefficient of thermal linear expansion (CTLE), the yield strength in bending, hardness) and chemical composition of the samples domestic base dental alloys for the manufacture of metal-ceramic dental prostheses. It was found that the addition of gates in cobalt-chrome alloy (CChA) Viteri-leads to an increase in strength, and in the case of nickelchromium alloy (NChA) Viteri-N increase in strength was observed only in the second group using 50% of the gates of the total mass of the molded product. When using 100% remelting Viteri-N, it was observed a decrease of the strength indicators below the original data. The analysis of the research results CTLE allows to judge about the fact that adding gates in the case of both alloys leads to a decrease of the coefficient of thermal linear expansion, and, consequently, to increase the tangential tension strains and can cause breaks, passing radially outward. Thus, there is a risk of late chipping of ceramic coating. Multiple remelting ofprefabricated CChA, NChA leads to the frenzy of the components that play the role of scavengers and modifiers (Mn, Si, Ta, Nb). Worth noting is the increase in the carbon content in the alloy CChA and NChA. So if CChA he plays the role of a modifier and increases the hardness, the content in NChA him about 0.4% simply unacceptable. The increase in carbon 0.1% can increase the hardness to 50 units Vickers, which may impair further mechanical treatment in the dental laboratory.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):7-11
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The technique of measuring the shrinkage of dental impressions

Arutyunov S.D., Sakieva Z.V., Muslov S.A., Deev M.S., Arutyunov D.S.


Criteria shrinkage impressions of the alginate dental materials as geometric characteristics - the linear dimensions, area of the axial cross-section samples and volume of samples are considered. The functions Adobe Photoshop to work with graphic files are used. The method of measuring the area ofplane figures by counting pixels the brightness by the Histogram tool are applied.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):11-13
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Staphylococci in the oral cavity and their role in the biodegradation removable non-metallic prostheses

Avtandilov A.G., Voronov I.A., Lebedenko I.Y., Didenko L.V., Smirnova T.A., Shevlyagina N.V.


Comparative analysis of the structure of the surface of different materials showed that the most resistant to biodegradation caused by staphylococci, is "Ftoraks and silicone. The material’s resistance to biodegradation is determined by the chemical composition of the material, "Ftoraks contains fluorine, the element which has an antibacterial effect. As shown previously, the distribution of fluorine in this material is uneven. In those parts of the surface, where is recorded the presence of fluoride, there is no adhesion ofmicroorganisms and therefore its destruction (10). Silicone is composed of the organosilicon compounds, and, apparently, those organic components included in it, are not destroyed by enzymes, acids or alkalis produced by bacteria.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):14-20
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Determine the main characteristics carbon fiber and its application perspectives on the stages of treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis

Astashina N.B., Antsiferov V.N., Sedegova O.N., Loginova N.P., Kachenyuk M.N.


Development of new biomaterials plays an important role in the treatment of diseases, helping to restore the physiological functions of the organism. Intensive development of materials in dentistry due to the development and implementation of the most secure and functional materials, the use of which makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of treatment ofpatients with abnormal dentition. As a structural material for splinting teeth is possible to use carbon fiber having high strength and resistance to fatigue loading. To assess the possibility of using carbon fiber composite as a strut design experimentally studied physical - mechanical and biologically inert properties of carbon fiber. Experimental results have shown that carbon fiber composite has a high plastic properties, and when implanted fiber expressed pathological changes in the organs of experimental animals revealed no. The experiments confirmed the biological inertness of the carbon fibers relative to the tissues, which allows the use of this material in the practice of dentistry.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):20-24
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Ellipsometric control of the thickness of the film of silicon carbide on the basis polymetylmetacrylate

Voronov A.P., Voronov I.A., Mitrofanov E.A.


By experimental measurements caused by ion-plasma sputtering of thin films of SiC has been shown that the ellipsometric measurement ofparameters of thin films are accurate and reliable method of control of technological process ofmanufacturing of complex composite coatings, so you can choose the time of coating to obtain a desired thickness.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):24-26
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Autofluorescent somatoscope as a method of oncoscience diseases of the oral mucosa

Bulgakova N.N., Volkov E.A., Pozdnyakova T.I.


This paper deals with in vivo autofluorescence detection ofprecancer and early cancer of oral cavity. Totally 24 patients were involved in this study including 11 patients with verrucosa leukoplakia, 10 patients with lichen planus and three patients with squamous cell carcinomas. Autofluorescence visualization of oral mucosa (autofluorescence stomatoscopy) was performed through special glasses when illuminated by the excitation light from power light diode emitting at 400 ± 10 nm). For objectifying of autofluorescence images, fluorescence spectroscopy at 406 nm laser excitation was performed in local points ofpathological foci and symmetrical areas of normal mucosa. It was shown that autofluorescence visualization allowed revealing pathological lesions because of the remarkable difference in autofluorescence properties of healthy mucosa, precancer and early cancer. The results obtained in this paper allowed considering autofluorescence stomatoscopy as the promising method of precancer screening in dentistry.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):27-30
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The results of morphological studies the minor salivary glands of patients with different pathologies of the cardiovascular system

Afanas’ev V.V., Zayrat’yants O.V., Gitikhmaev Y.M., Abdusalamov A.O., Ordashev K.A.


The authors conducted a study ofthe biopsy ofthe minor salivary glands in 15 patients with various diseases ofthe cardiovascular system. It was found that in patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system are expressed and a variety ofpathological changes in the minor salivary glands. They expressed a violation of secretory asset-ness of velocity, stromal sclerosis, lymphoma, lymph macrophage infiltration of the stroma and/or parenchyma, microcirculatory disorders deposits and dilatation of the ducts. The severity of the detected pathological changes depends on the shape of sialadenitis.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):31-34
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Role of the hypophysis-adrenal system in the development of caries process and noncarious lesions patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Bezrukov S.G., Kaladze N.N., Galkina O.P.


Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) - is a chronic systemic disease of connective tissue with joint disease, some patients with extra-articular manifestations, including in the maxillofacial area. The etiology of JRA is not known yet. In the pathogenesis is recognized the concept of the autoimmune process of an imbalance of immunocompetent cells as a result of neuro-immune-endocrine interactions. It is less well understood the effect of JRA on pathology teeth. The aim - studying hypophysis-adrenal regulation in patients with JRA with caries and enamel hypoplasia, depending on the intensity and duration of JRA. Materials and methods. We examined 65 patients with JRA (10-16 years) - the main group (MG), were divided into 4 groups: MG-1 - with caries and duration of JRA less than 6 years; MG-2 - with caries and enamel hypoplasia, with JRA less than 6 years; MG-3 - with caries, with JRA more than 6 years; MG-4 - with caries and enamel hypoplasia, with JRA more than 6 years. The comparison group (CG) - 15 healthy peers. The intensity of caries were studied. In oral liquor measured levels of cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). Results of studies and discussion. Patients with JRA cortisol content was significantly higher (8,03±4,94 ng/ml; p<0,001) and lower ACTH (10,42±6,15 pg/ml; p<0,001) in comparison with CG. Increasing of cortisol is regarded as appearance of protective adaptive response in under JRA and as signal of endogenous factor in the development of caries (suppression of Ca 2+ absorption in the intestine) and, possibly, activation of oligosaccharides - localfactor in the development of caries. In the MG-2 in comparison with CG revealed a significant changes of cortisol than the MG-1 (p<0,001). ACTH is reduced in comparison with the CG in the MG-1 (p<0,04) and MG-2 (p<0,03). In the MG-4 in comparison with children suffering from JRA less than 6 years, cortisol is reduced (p<0,02). In the MG-4 marked the most significant decrease in ACTH (p<0,02), which should be regarded as a violation of the reverse regulatory influence cortisol-producing function of adrenal on the functional activity of the pituitary gland. Conclusions. 1. Patients with JRA disease duration of more than 6years caries intensity is higher in comparison with children and adolescents suffering from less than 6years. 2. Intensity of caries in patients with JRA doen’t depend ofaffection tooth enamel hypoplasia. 3. In oral liquor ofpatients with JRA most elevated levels of cortisol and ACTH reduced when combined lesions of caries and enamel hypoplasia, regardless of the duration of JRA. 4. Growth of the intensity of caries with increasing duration of JRA due to a certain extent of the influence of systemic factors as a result of disturbances in the hypophysis-adrenocortical axis. 5. Caries in combination with enamel hypoplasia in patients with JRA is a clinical extra-articular manifestations, as well as predictive ofprogression of arthritis.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):34-37
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Analyzis of implant-fixed bridge prosthetics treatment of totally edentulous patients

Razumniy V.A.


In the article the technique of edentulous patients’ prosthetic treatment using implant-fixed bridges is shown. In one and five year time after prosthetic treatment the results of this type of treatment of 22 patients, including placing 130 screw implants and further bridge making, are analyzed versus 30 patients with implant based single crowns. Implant preserve index, clinical effectiveness ofprosthetic treatment, characteristics of gum state and objective rates of osteointegration in both observation terms prove, that the results of treatment in the examined group do not yield results in control group, but even overcome them in some tests.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):38-42
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Satisfaction with dentures and the quality of life after different types of implantological treatment of total adenthy

Razumniy V.A.


In the article the satisfaction with dentures and the life quality ofpatients in one and five year time after prosthetic treatment in cases of total adenthy, using 5 variants of implantological treatment (including 3 types of removable dentures, bridges and dentures fixed on special implants), are analyzed. The noticeable advantage of all types of implantological treatment against ordinary total removable dentures is figured out. Comparing to single implant-fixed crowns, the results of using removable implant-fixed dentures are less favorable. There is no certain difference between the analyzed criterions of bridge prosthetic treatment and cases of special implants use.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):42-46
pages 42-46 views

Use of digital technologits for production of zirconia dentures with regard to individual dental sistem parameters patient

Rogoznikov A.G., Gileva O.S., Hanov A.M., Shuliatnikova O.A., Rogoznikov G.I., Piankova E.S.


The aim of this work was to improve methods ofproduction ofpermanent non-removable denture designs and implant systems from domestic material based on zirconium dioxide CAD / CAM system. Manufacture of prosthetic conducted under the supervision of dynamic occlusion on CAD / CAM system Hint-Els using the capabilities of the virtual articulator. The software module «virtual articulator» possible to reconstruct, to control and correct anatomical shape designs for individual static and dynamic occlusal parameters of the patient. Also optimized milling strategy parameters by calculating the milling paths and reducing the total production time structures while maintaining their high accuracy, which was confirmed by data from a study on the comparator microscope. Assessment of regional blood flow periodontal late after orthopedic treatment indicates normalization ofperiodontal tissue microcirculation in the functional aspect verified through occlusal contacts.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):46-51
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The value of antimicrobial peptides in the development of diseases of the oral cavity in children with bronchial asthma

Saakyan Y.V., Elizarova V.M., Vinogradova T.V., Pampura A.N.


Introduction: one of the innate immunityfactors is antimicrobial peptides (cathelicidins (LL-37), defensins (HNP 1-3), secreted by the epithelial cells of oral cavity, neutrophils, lymphocytes and monocytes. The objective of the study was to find out some correlation between the quantity ofsalivary antimicrobial peptides and oral health in children sufferingfrom bronchial asthma. Materials and Methods: the study included 88 children aged 4-16 years. The study was done using immune-enzyme analysis (Hulcut biotech, Netherlands), oral cavity examination, DMF and Green-Vermillion indexes. Results: the level of HNP 1-3 in children suffering from bronchial asthma was lower for sure in decompensated and subcompensatedforms of caries, compared with compensatedform. The LL-37, HNP 1-3 concentration in children with asthma is lower than that in healthy ones.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):52-56
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Dynamics and strength of the departments of operative dentistry in the structure of different various research institutions in the country

Daurova F.Y., Alimski A.V., Salamova L.Y.


The article deals with the structure of research institutes (RI) countries with the Department of therapeutic dentistry, their number and the departments shown to the search for new organizational forms to improve the efficiency of dental education, research research skills dental profile in the system of additional professional education (APE), investigated the possibilities of solving these problems by continuously monitoring the network RI, its dynamics in order to predict changes in the coming years, and in the longer term.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):56-58
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Analysis of the volume and types of dental care provided to patients with recurrent atami the mouth cavity under the program of obligatory medical insurance

Dzugaeva I.I., Umarova K.V.


This article summarizes the results of the analysis of the structure, kinds and volumes of dental care provided for the compulsory health insurance program adult population with recurrent Atami the mouth. The study showed that treatment of patients with these diseases in the conditions of the municipal dental polyclinic is 7 types of services. The frequency of services on average of 2.28 services in 1 patient. Medicated treatment of lesions is held every second patient.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):58-61
pages 58-61 views

Methodology clinical and experimental studies of posttraumatic repair maxillary sinus

Edranov S.S.


The review analyzed the translational approach in the study of apoptosis factors and their importance in the pathology of the injured mucosa of the maxillary sinus (HFI). The injury and subsequent tissue and triggers metabolic changes in the cells of the mucous membrane of apoptotic death, which correlates with the balance of p53 and Bcl-2 immunoreactivity. Disturbance of this balance can affect the efficiency of the regenerative processes in case of damage. Specific pattern of expression of molecular factors of apoptosis is a key in the mechanisms of regeneration and tissue repair. It is emphasized that the study of this phenomenon in the experiment is radically important to keep in understanding post-traumatic reorganization HFI in humans.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):62-66
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Justification of methods of diagnosis of speech disorders in cancer patients with acquired maxillary defects of the second group by V.Yu. Kurlandskiy

Mal'ginov N.N., Reshetov I.V., Zubkov A.F., Korzhov I.S.


This article describes the components of human speech, classification of anatomic organs involved in rectortown, the analysis instrumental methods of speech. 35 analyzed literary sources - 14 works of domestic authors and 21 foreign. The earliest publication dates from 1972, the late - 2014. The basic parameters of sound (frequency, amplitude, period) are informative in the study of a simple sine wave sound. With the help of spectral analysis is the study of vocal sounds. Consonants are analyzed for the following parameters: slew rate sound intensity, time bows explosive consonant, the ratio of the amplitude of the noise intensity during the bows and sound intensity of the subsequent explosion. The envelope of sound intensity and its rate of change (first derivative of the amplitude) gives an idea of what a consonant is pronounced. When reducing the air flow through the vocal apparatus, these parameters will change. Pronunciation explosive consonants accompanied by an increase of air pressure in the oral cavity. This in turn leads to the leakage of airfrom the oral cavity in the presence ofa message of the oral cavity and the nasal cavity with acquired defects of the upper jaw with the violation of the integrity of the paranasal sinuses. The prosthesis is not always possible to solve the problem. Air leakage into the nasal cavity is accompanied by the appearance of an additional noise component, which is detected at the expert assessment and application of instrumental methods. Study of air leaks some authors produce using spirometry, however, the measurement of the tightness of the oral cavity to perform better with the use of breathing devices with adjustable hydraulic resistance, which simulate the increase of pressure in the oral cavity during speech. Leakage occurs, as a rule, on the border of the prosthesis with a defect, because the border of the defect is often movable mucosa, which when breathing tightly to the prosthesis, thus forming a sort of valve, however, when the pressure of air in the oral cavity, necessary for the formation of some sounds, this valve opens and air is drawn into the nasal cavity. Research associated with this phenomenon of objective speech settings it is expedient to produce the two-letter sounds, consisting of vowels and consonants. This approach allows to analyze all acoustic components smycnyx sounds with minimal prosodic and coarticulation distortion.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):67-70
pages 67-70 views

Marcel Sakeevich Mirgazizov (to the 80th anniversary of birthday)

- -.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):71-72
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Professor Vladimir Mikhaylovich Semenyuk (to the 75th anniversary of birthday)

- -.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(1):72-73
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