Vol 14, No 2 (2010)


Dioksid tsirkoniya v stomatologicheskom materialovedenii

Lebedenko I.Y., Khvan V.I., Anisimova S.V., Lebedenko A.I., Mikhaylina N.A., Podzorova L.I., Rumyantseva M.N., Shvorneva L.I., Volchenkova V.A.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):4-6
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Pathological changes and some clinico-morphological correlations in patients with chronic odontogenic sinusitis

Malanchuk V.A., Grigorovskiy V.V., Izadkhakh Farshad -., Malanchuk V.A., Grigorovsky V.V., Izadhah Farshad -.


A clinico-morphological study of 31 resection biopsy samples of the maxillary sinus and maxillary bony tissue taken from 30 patients was carried out; the character of pathological changes was defined; correlations between clinical, laboratory, and morphological parameters in chronic odontogenic sinusitis were defined after there alternative qualitative quantification. Pathological changes in the epithelium and mucosal glands consisted in necrotic, desquamative, and hyperplastic processes accompanied by gland hypersecretion. The activity and prevalence of sinus tissue inflammation varied between exudative inflammation of different degrees of activity (from serous to fibrinous-purulent) and productive-infiltrative one; the degree of fibrosis of the proper plate of the mucosa varied as well. The strongest associations were between the following morphological parameters: "the degree of epithelium changes" and "goblet cell hypersecretion" (positive correlation), and "the degree of mucosal edema" and "the kind of exudative inflammation" (negative correlation). Moderate associations were between separate clinical, laboratory, and morphological parameters characterizing symptoms of the disease and the condition of pathological processes.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):6-11
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A study of soluble osteoclast-activating factor and osteoprotegerin in mixed saliva of patients with periodontitis

Vavilova T.P., Pashkova G.S., Grinin V.M., Vavilova T.P., Pashkova G.S., Grinin V.M.


Twenty-nine patients with chronic generalized periodontitis were studied. The quantity of the soluble receptor of the activator of nucleation of kappa B ligands (sRANKL) and osteoprotegerin as well as the activity of lactat-dehydrogenases, aspartataminotransferase, alaninaminotransferase, and alkaline phosphatase were measured before and after periodontological treatment with immune-enzyme method. The study found a reduction in sRANKL and the activity of the mentioned enzymes after the treatment, which evidenced stabilization of the inflammatory process and reduction in the intensity of the destructive process in periodontal bony tissue.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):11-14
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Obsemenennost' slizistoy obolochki polosti rta gribami roda Candida, sostoyanie pokazateley spetsificheskoy i nespetsificheskoy rezistentnosti organizma u bol'nykh bronkhial'noy astmoy, prinimayushchikh sistemnye i ingalyatsionnye glyukokortikoidy

Viryasova N.A., Romanovskaya L.D., Posmetnaya T.V., Eremina N.V., Nozdrina V.D.


Выявляли снижение естественной неспецифической защиты в полости рта, высокую частоту кандидоза и большую обсемененность слизистой оболочки полости рта (СОПР) грибами рода Candida у больных бронхиальной астмой, которым назначали ингаляционные и системные глюкокортикоиды (СГК), особенно ежедневно. Уровень секреторного IgA и активность лизоцима слюны имели обратную корреляционную связь с обсемененностью СОПР грибами рода Candida. При анализе показателей гуморального иммунитета и системы фагоцитоза в сыворотке крови определяли угнетение изучаемых факторов, что обусловлено катаболическим действием СГК.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):14-16
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Orthopedic treatment of patients with adentia, alveolar process and jaw body defects using porous titanium nickelide implants

Galonskiy V.G., Radkevich A.A., Gyunter V.E., Galonsky V.G., Radkevich A.A., Gunter V.E.


The authors present a newly developed technique of dental prosthetics which features support on intraosseous titanium nickelide-based implants, as well as results of its application in orthopedic treatment of 64 patients with partial or total adentia or defects in the alveolar process of jaw bodies, and demonstrate advantages of the technique.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):17-21
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Rentgenologicheskie i kliniko-funktsional'nye paralleli v sostoyanii vnutrikostnykh implantatov

Garafutdinov D.M., Magamedkhanov Y.M., Silaev E.V., Zhuruli G.N., Kuznetsov A.V.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):21-22
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Belki ostroy fazy rotovoy zhidkosti pri stomatologicheskoy i serdechno-sosudistoy patologii

Goryacheva O.G., Reuk S.E., Terekhina N.A., Zubarev M.A., Petrovich Y.A.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):22-24
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The efficacy of complex treatment of periodontal inflammatory processes using low-intensity laser and the preparation Imudon

Kechin I.A., Irzaev R.I., Chebykin A.S., Markov B.P., Vuraki N.K., Egorova T.A., Kechin I.A., Irzayev R.I., Chebykin A.S., Markov B.P., Vuraki N.K., Yegorova T.A.


Within the last years, a natural population aging process has been going on in Russian Federation. In this regard, rendering dental aid to the elderly is of great importance. Dental implantation, the most modern method to treat adentia, is considered in the article. Inflammatory complications after implantation - periimplantites - and their treatment with low-intensity laser and the preparation Imudon are considered as well.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):24-27
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Diagnostic possibilities in orthodontic patients with distal denture occlusion provided by electromyography

Popov S.A., Popov S.A.


Having analyzed standardized parameters of masseter electromyography, the authors suggest that the functional condition of mastication muscles be evaluated at every stage of orthodontic treatment of adolescents with a distal occlusion. Analysis of the functional condition reflects jaw biomechanics.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):27-29
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Jaw immobilization in combined craniofacial injuries

Robustova T.G., Shalumov A.Z., Levchenko O.V., Robustova T.G., Shalumov A.Z., Levchenko O.V.


The authors compared different methods of jaw immobilization in combined craniofacial injuries, including new ones. Immobilization with on-tooth orthopedic constructions is a method of indirect force application with certain undesirable consequences. Jaw immobilization with intraoral CFS is a method of direct force application on the bony tissue of the jaw. The use of CFS for jaw immobilization, adaptation of fragments, and reestablishment of occlusion is an efficient method. Comparison of this method with conventional methods of splinting and jaw fragment traction in 23 patients demonstrated the advantages of CFS application. The method can be used within ICU, is functionally efficient, technically simple, and relatively cheap. Clinical and X-ray control of the condition of the screws, teeth, and oral mucosa is possible.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):30-32
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The prevalence of periodontal inflammatory diseases and hazardous risk factors among young residents of Udmurt Republic

Tarasova Y.G., Redinova T.L., Tarasova Y.G., Redinova T.L.


Periodontal tissues were examined in 1212 residents of Udmurt Republic aged 15 to 34 years. The results of the study demonstrated high prevalence and intensity of periodontal inflammatory diseases among the young. Analysis of the results revealed a complex of local and general risk factors significantly influencing the appearance of periodontal diseases in young residents of Udmurtia, and demonstrated there inequivalent influence in different age groups.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):33-36
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Clinical symptoms of odontogenic neuralgia

Puzin M.N., Bodneva S.L., Kiparisova E.S., Simakova T.G., Puzin M.N., Bodneva S.L., Kiparisova Y.S., Simakova T.G.


Diagnostics of neurodental diseases is one of important medical problems. There main clinical manifestations are pain syndrome and neurological disturbances in the maxillofacial area. This group includes diseases with a primary involvement of the trigeminal nerve as well as diseases one of whose leading clinical symptoms is facial pain caused by odontogenic reasons (joint diseases, occlusion pathology, dental diseases etc.) Taking into account differential diagnostic difficulties, these diseases require special approaches to there diagnosis.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):36-38
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The efficacy of complex treatment of patients with burning mouth syndrome

Skuridin P.I., Puzin M.N., Nikolaenko E.V., Skuridin P.I., Puzin M.N., Nikolayenko Y.V.


In order to evaluate the efficacy of complex treatment of patients with burning mouth syndrome, 84 patients aged 48±7.8 years were examined using Visual Analog Pain Scale, SMOL, Beck Depression Scale, Spielberg Anxiety Scale, and Nottingham Health Profile. The results demonstrated high therapeutic efficiency of complex treatment, including local therapy, psychopharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy. In younger patients, whose psychological alterations before treatment were most prominent, complex treatment led to better results.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):38-40
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Preventive measures against occupational infections in orthopedic dentistry

Ibragimov T.I., Egorova T.A., Vuraki N.K., Larionov V.M., Ibragimov T.I., Yegorova T.A., Vuraki N.K., Larionov V.M.


In there professional activity, dental orthopedists are exposed to pathogens that can be transmitted via air, direct contact with a patients (saliva etc.), or dust particles that are formed during dental preparation and can fall on the skin or mucosal membranes. In this regard, development of a complex of preventive measures capable of reducing the effect of hazardous factors on health of all orthopedic dental team members is an important task.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):40-42
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Evaluation of the effects of different methods of treatment for sialolithiasis on the condition of salivary gland microcirculation according to laser Doppler flowmetry

Chechina I.N., Semennikov V.I., Neymark A.I., Chechina I.N., Semennikov V.I., Neymark A.I.


The authors developed a conservative method to treat patients with sialolithiasis using concrement solvents both after intraductal and oral administration. The results of comparative analysis of changes in blood flow in the salivary glands using laser Doppler flowmetry show that conservative therapy led to the best recovery of microcirculation in salivary gland tissue. This is of great significance when tactics of treatment for sialolithiasis is being chosen.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):43-46
pages 43-46 views

Rol' standartov pri lechenii kariesa postoyannykh zubov u detey v usloviyakh detskoy stomatologicheskoy polikliniki

Davydova A.Y., Elizarova V.M.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2010;14(2):46-48
pages 46-48 views

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