Vol 18, No 1 (2014)


Development of a new silicon carbide coating for protection from dentures biodegradation

Voronov I.A., Mitrofanov E.A., Kalinin A.L., Semakin S.B., Didenko L.V., Avtandilov G.A.


The main biological agents that carry out biodegradation, are microorganisms that have a huge variety of enzyme systems and metabolic lability. Without the use of various polymer materials for medical purposes is hard to imagine modern medicine. One of the most important moments in the life of biocompatible polymers present in the body, is the process of removing it from the products of biodegradation of polymers - metabolites. Removing the formed product from a zone of implantation of the polymer material (its gradual resorption in body tissues) can be explained by the increased solubility of biodegradation products in liquid media. Due to the unique combination of properties SiC structural ceramics questions and get her study are the focus of researchers and technologists, both in Russia and abroad. Along with the development of ceramic materials based on SiC, is actively underway to obtain silicon carbide coatings having a strength and good adhesion to a variety of materials at high temperatures. We have developed a process for preparing silicon carbide films with high technical parameters of interaction based on silicon and carbon, formed by cleavage of the hydrocarbon molecules, and applying it to the plastic material by ion plasma deposition. Coverage was called «Pantsyr» Carapace. The aim of our study is a comparative new surface protection characteristic «Pantsyr» samples dental polymethyl methacrylate plastic «Ftorax AO Stoma, Ukraine» for denture uncovered and covered coated «Pantsyr» in the interaction with Staphylococcus aureus as the most important microorganism in the development of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):4-9
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Strength properties of the hard tissue of teeth. Part II

Zagorskiy V.A., Makeeva I.M., Zagorskiy V.V.


Using a constancy detecting apparatus (resolving capacity up to 0,22 mm) we measured microconstancy of hard dental tissues (Wikkers) in longitudinal and transversal directions. Based on this data we created a mathematical model of hard dental tissues, which was used to represent general laws of tensions and deformations of hard dental tissues under physiological loads.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):9-12
pages 9-12 views

Functioning of the hard tissues of the tooth. Part III

Zagorskiy V.A., Makeeva I.M., Zagorskiy V.V.


Based on the study of physical and morphological quality (solidity and density) of hard dental tissues we consideres the problem of loads transfer from food lump to hard dental tissues. Thus it allows us to judge of their joint integration and work in maxillofacial system.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):12-15
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Morphostructural changes of hard tissues of teeth with varying degrees of abrasion

Rogozhnikov G.I., Kazymov K.P., Chetvertnykh V.A., Astashina N.B., Spiridonova A.E., Rogozhnikov A.G.


The article presents the results of morphological changes which are formed in tooth tissues at different stages of increased dental abrasion development. As a result of the conducted research, no morphologically distinct boundary between physiological abrasion and the early stage of increased hard tissues dental abrasion was determined. Irreversible changes in the structure of hard dental tissues and pulp take place at the second and the third stages. Averaged values of Ca / P-ratio of all the samples in the enamel is less than 1.67 of the stoichiometric hydroxyapatite characteristic that confirms calcium deficiency with increased abrasion of the enamel.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):15-18
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Features biomechanics of pediatric dentistry

Ugrin M.M., Chuyko A.N.


In the present article describes the basics of biomechanics in pediatric dentistry, for example, the strength condition or a similar condition of rigidity, and analysis capabilities of dental system objects of a particular patient.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):19-23
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Alternative methods of tre atment of periodontal disease on the background of overtraining

Babaev E.E., Mamedov F.Y.


On the basis of clinical and epidemiological studies conducted among 475 professional athletes, it was noted that the largest number among surveyed athletes as young and older age has a distinct pathology of periodontal tissues, the primary etiologic factor in the development of which is the «sports immunodeficiency». The highest prevalence and intensity of inflammatory periodontal diseases, in particular, the most severe forms of this disease was detected, with increased age and sport experience. Optimal and well-grounded selection and focus on the remedies of natural origin, such as products based on plants and propolis that do not cause allergic reactions and other side effects, in this particular clinical case helps to improve the hygienic condition of the oral cavity, to neutralization of clinical signs of periodontitis and to normalization oral microbiota of athletes involved in sports of the higher achievements.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):24-27
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The utilization of material “Collost” during treatment of patients with fractures of mandibula withi dentition

Medvedev Y.A., Cherkesov I.V., D’yachkova E.Y.


Issue of defects of bones remain unresolved as planned and emergency maxillofacial surgery and stomatology, in particular, in the treatment of patients with fractures of the within the dentition. Cases, when the teeth of Linyi fracture removed and bone tissue defect is not recharge, increased risk of purulent-inflammatory diseases. Our study under the supervision of for 2 flight were patients with mandibular fractures within the dentition. All the patients were divided into 2 equal groups. The main group was filling defect bone material «Collost» unlike the comparison group, in which patients were treated surgically without implantation material, defect area of the lower jaw. According to survey fundings about the decreases in terms osteoreparative processes and rehabilitations of patients using material «Collost».
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):28-31
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Influence of enamel thickness on the fluorescence signal of intact teeth in vivo

Sarycheva I.N., Yanushevich O.O., Minakov D.A., Shulgin V.A.


The investigation of fluorescence signal of different parts of intact teeth in the upper and lower human jaws in vivo has been carried out using the method of laser-induced fluorescence at a laser excitation wavelength of 405 nm. It was revealed that, for all teeth, cervical enamel is characterized by the highest fluorescence signal, and enamel layer at the cutting edge has the lowest fluorescence signal. Methods of multi-layer spiral computed tomography and scanning electron microscopy were used to measure enamel thickness in different anatomical part of all teeth in the upper and the lower jaw. It was found out that, on the average, the enamel layer is the thickest at the cutting edge and the thinnest at the cervical region of the tooth. Also, influence of enamel thickness and multilevel dentin-enamel junction on the fluorescence signal of different anatomical parts of intact teeth has been investigated.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):32-37
pages 32-37 views

Orthodontic treatment for patients with cleft lip and palate , taking into account the structural features of the language

Starikova N.V., Nadtochiy A.G., Udalova N.V., Sobolev I.V.


This article analyses the peculiarities of language provision in patients with cleft lip and palate. Presented to the Protocol orthodontic treatment with the use of the author’s devices, the use of which contribute to the normalization of the position of the tongue, prevent the action of the scars lip and palate, contribute to the restoration of миодинамического balance of the maxillofacial area of the patient, as well as contribute to the harmonization of the articulatory movements language, increase the efficiency of the speech training with a view to making sounds with the rise of the language.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):38-40
pages 38-40 views

Medical and psychological treatment tactics elderly patients with complete absence teeth

Arutyunov S.D., Amiryan M.G., Ostrenkova M.E.


The authors analyze the reasons for dissatisfaction with pain -tion elderly with a complete lack of teeth prosthetics conducted using removable plate prosthetic conditions to improve its effectiveness based on the developed optimal medical and psychological treatment strategies .
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):41-46
pages 41-46 views

Features of dental caries in pregnant women and nursing mothers in the Rostov region

Maksyukov S.J., Prohodnaya V.A., Novosyadlaya N.V.


Objective: To examine the nature and course of caries in pregnant women and nursing mothers in the Rostov region Materials and Methods. The study included 330 pregnant women and 227 lactating mothers with caries, applied in dental offices antenatal Rostov-on -Don city dental clinic. By studying the history of the main characteristics of the disease caries. Results. Pregnant women and nursing mothers characteristics dental caries include: the predominance of medium and deep caries depth is time-tion, the prevalence of moderate-intensity activity and caries, hour -th recurrence (60,9% and 71,4%, respectively), complicated for (37,6% and 24,7%, respectively) and multiple character pathology (60,9 % and 67,4%, respectively). The average value of the index KPUz in pregnant women was 9,21 ± 1,13 ball fishing and nursing mothers - 11,5 ± 0,97 points. Conclusion: Pregnant women and nursing mothers are classified as non-patients with a favorable course of motivation and low caries treatment.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):46-49
pages 46-49 views

Evaluate the clinical efficacy develop ways tooth preparation with periodontitis

Ermak E.Y., Maters T.V., Panin E.V., Anan’ina E.V., Rodionova T.I., Zotova I.N.


Clinical approbation description and results are represented in this article, where the authors represent preparation method of periodontal teeth. It is demonstrated that the results of application of this method allows to decrease patient’s psychological strain suffering from periodontitis before preparation tooth procedure and artificial crown fixation. The method also enables to identify the grinding volume of hard tissues and to avoid pulp trauma and periodontitis.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):49-52
pages 49-52 views

Dental caries in adolescents with maxillary anomalies in the Azerbaijan Republic

Panakhov N.A.


When comparing the prevalence of dental caries among adolescents with an anomaly of some teeth and dentition, mesial and cross-bite with the control group, in all cases were statistically significant difference. Only when comparing the prevalence of dental caries among adolescents with distal, deep and open bite with the control group, were not statistically significant differences. The data obtained prove once again that early detection and treatment of maxillary anomalies and deformations will reduce the incidence of major dental diseases, in particular, and dental caries.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):52-53
pages 52-53 views

Pricing methodology medical services

Butova V.G., Boyko M.I.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2014;18(1):54-55
pages 54-55 views

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