Vol 19, No 4 (2015)


Experimental study of biodegradation and microbial colonization of dental restorative materials

Olesov E.E., Lesnyak A.V., Uzunyan N.A., Didenko L.V., Avtandilov G.A., Yuffa E.P., Adamchik A.A.


In the experiment of incubation in the presence of oral microbiota light-curing composite samples or pressed ceramics revealed more pronounced light-curing composite microbial colonization and registered under the composite surface defects biofilm.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):4-6
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Quantification of biofouling samples of dental implants from a variety of base materials covered and not covered carbide-silicon coating “Pantsyr"

Voronov I.A., Mitrofanov E.A., Kalinin A.L.


In experiments using the method of scanning electron microscopy it was shown that the coating of silicon carbide «Shell» has a strong anti-adhesive effect and can be successfully used in orthopedics prosthetics. Given the above, the coating of silicon carbide were promising way to solve the problems associated with the shortcomings of acrylic plastic in prosthetic dentistry, which allows to significantly reduce biofouling samples of dental implants from a variety of base materials.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):6-9
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Anatomic-topographic indicators of the lower orbital wall in traumatology of the maxillaorbital complex

Medvedev Y.A., Nikolenko V.N., Volkova V.A., Petruk P.S.


At present, traumas of the middle part of the craniofacial region are presented mainly by fractures of maxilla-orbital complex with involvement ofthe orbital walls. These fractures are most often accompanied by damage of lower orbital wall due to specific anatomical structure and topography of the latter. Anatomic-topographic material of lower orbital wall was investigated on documentary described sculls of people and computer tomography 18-70 years old, male and female.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):9-12
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Salivary stone disease submandibular salivary glands. (Case study)

Afanasiev V.V., Abdusalamov M.R., Gamataev I.I.


In this article, we present a rare case report of bilateral stone formation with large calculi greater than 1.5 cm in diameter in the submandibular salivary glands in one patient. Presented clinical case occurs in practice, the dentist is rarely, and, in our opinion, is of practical interest.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):13-14
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Modern approaches to diagnostics and treatment of chronic odontogenic maxillary sinusitis

Baydik O.D., Sysolyatin P.G., Gurin A.A., Ilenok O.V.


In structure of the hospitalised patients with chronic odontogenic maxillary sinusitis (COMS) the reasons were foreing bodies of maxillary sinuses at 35,58% ofpatients, perforations of sunus bottom at 31,47% ofpatients, periapical odontogenic centres at 19,93% of patients, odontogenic cysts at 10,38% of patients and other reasons at 2,64% of patients. COMS, as a rule, are characterised by the erased clinical picture, at 19,72% with foreing bodies become complicated a fungal infection which proceeds by aspergilloma. The comparative estimation of surgical methods of treatment COMS has shown the superiority endoscopic technologies. Among beam methods of research the most informative are cone-beam computer tomography (CBCT) and multi-spiral computer tomography (MSCT) which allow to estimate not only condition of sinus and osteomeatal complex, but also pathological processes in adjacent area teeth and their mutual relation with a sinus bottom. Endoscopic sinus surgery allows to lower number of complications in comparison with radical sinusotomy. It is necessary to give preference miniinvasive endoscopic technologies among surgical methods of treatment COMS.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):14-18
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Efficiency of application of funds based on bacteriophages in the complex treatment of diseases of the mucosa of the oral cavit

Volkov E.A., Polovets M.L., Nikitin V.V., Pashkova G.S., Isadzhanyan K.E., Popova V.M., Zelenkov E.L.


Effective complex treatment ofpatients with pathology of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity includes drug exposure to pathogenic bacteria as a possible etiological factor in the development of these diseases. In the present work we studied the effectiveness of national preventive agents for local application "Fagodent” in the form of a gel based on bacteriophages in the treatment of chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis (HRAS) and lichen planus (LP). To monitor the effectiveness of in vitro in patients of the main group identified pathogens of the oral cavity, a Spot-test on a bacterial lawn, we studied the antibiotic resistance of bacteria. The study (up to 3 months of observation) included 27 patients aged 19 to 80 years with a diagnosis of chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis and oral lichen planus. The results showed that the use of prophylactic agents on the basis of bacteriophages in the treatment of HRAS can significantly improve the quality of treatment, to speed up the relief of the inflammatory process, reduce the time of repair and to increase the duration of remission. Application of funds "Fagodent” in complex treatment of PL did not significantly influenced the course of the disease.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):18-22
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Stress-induced psychoemotional strain reactions among patients while visiting a dentist

Dem'yanenko S.A.


Psychoemotional strain (PsES) - dentophobia, which manifests itself as fear and scare of the forthcoming stomatological interventions, is a weighty factor that may be a background for developing and aggravating cardiovascular reactions and diseases. The scare and the fear are multilevel manifestations of dentophobia; they cause typical body reactions: changes of the heart rate (HR), arterial pressure (AP), blood sugar level, etc., and cannot be differentiated by the existing methods. The scare -psychoemotional overstrain (PsEOs) - arises independently of the thinking and its medicamental correction is supposed; the fear - a moderate psychoemotional strain - develops at the level of thinking and can be treated by persuading. This study was aimed at analyzing the obtained hemodynamic, hematologic and biochemical data which characterize the PsES development stage during the stomatological interventions. 194 patients (62 men and 132 women) agedfrom 17 to 60 were examined. In order to assess the state of the cardiovascular system during the stomatological intervention, the hemodynamics (using "Cardiotechnika-4000-AD ” monitor), biochemical and hematologic data were examined. Short-term Holter monitoring revealed hemodynamic data (systolic and diastolic AP, HR, myocardium hypoxia, arrhythmia), system toxicity of the anesthesia, the patient’s body psychoemotional strain level. The "emotional” type arrhythmias became the "key” to differentiate the fear and the scare according to the cardiac monitoring data. The aggregated functional, biochemical (blood plasma glucose, medium molecule oligopeptides), and hematologic data (leucocyte indexes) indicate that 61.9 per cent of the patients who addressed with a moderate PsES experienced the rise of their AP, HR, and blood plasma glucose; 28.6 per cent of the patients experienced no change of these values, and 9.5 per cent showed the reduction of these values. The psychoemotional overstrain state characterized with emotional arrhythmias; both rise and reduction of the AP; rise of the leucocyte indexes, medium molecule oligopeptides in the saliva. Detecting system toxicity of the anesthesia when the recommended doses of the anesthetic were injected mainly among the patients with the psychoemotional overstrain means that the patients of this group may develop paradoxical reactions. Based on the results of the conducted study, it has been concluded that the data obtained due to the short-term Holter cardiac monitoring were informative enough to determine the intensity degree of the patients’ psychoemotional strain while being at the dentist. The patients with the psychoemotional overstrain were subject to the greatest risks, the patients with physiologically normal reactions to the psychoemotional load were the least prone to suffer from the risks. The hemodynamic data aggregated with the data about the glucose changes at the initial stage and while conducting the anesthesia are the basis for devising medicamental correction and preventing complications among patients with psychoemotional strain.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):23-26
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EHF-waves in treatment periodontitis and dentoalveolar anomalies: pathogenetic and gender specific

Kazantsev A.V., Suyetenkov D.E., Firsova I.V.


The aim was to study gender-specific impact of combined treatment with EHF-therapy on rheological properties of blood in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis (CGP) mild to moderate severity and dentoalveolar anomalies and deformations. Material and Methods: We studied 80 patients (43.8% male) with CGP and dentoalveolar anomalies and deformations aged 42±5 years. 41 patients (43.9% male) have mild severity of CGP, and 39 patients (43.6% male) have moderate severity. 40 healthy adults (50% male), aged 31±7years, were studied also. We evaluated dynamics of plasma viscosity, and rheological features of erythrocytes and platelets (aggregation and deformability) under combined treatment with EHF-therapy. Results and Conclusion: In patients with moderate severity CGP, combined treatment with using EHF-waves over CGP restore disturbances in blood viscosity and rheological properties of erythrocytes and platelets (aggregation and deformability). In women, therapy accompanied by full restoration of blood rheology, but this effect was partial in men. In patients with mild CGP, treatment had no significant effect on the rheological properties of blood.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):27-35
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Restoration of disturbed speech: the efficacy removable biogenetically elements during postoperative rehabilitation patients dental profile

Mitin N.E., Ponomarev E.O., Mishin D.N.


In this work we study the efficiency of recovery of speech function in postoperative rehabilitation patients dental profile using dentoalveolar prosthesis and similar prostheses, supplemented miogimnasticheskimi removable elements. In this paper we study the effect of the positive experience of orthopedic treatment to improve the function of speech in its clarity and speed parameters pronunciation. Clinical stages oforthopedic patients (rational prosthesis using miogimnasticheskogo element) after surgery allows the latter to feel complete, to adapt to society personalities. Competent medical tactics ofpatients using dental and facial prostheses with removable miogimnasticheskimi elements significantly improves the speech function, reduces the period of post-operative rehabilitation compared with users, dentures are not supplemented miogimnasticheskimi elements.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):36-38
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Clinical-immunologic background of application of plant-based preparation fitoncidini in combination therapy of chronic general catarrhal gingivitis

Opravin A.S., Gromova L.E., Chernyshova E.E., Egulemova M.V., Kuz’min A.P.


High prevalence of parodontium inflammatory diseases is one of the most burning problems in modern Dentistry, however, antibacterial and antiseptic agents used by clinicians in treatment of this pathology reduce significantly the body reactive function and cause dysbiosis of the oral cavity. Effectiveness of the plant-based preparation Fitoncidini in therapy of chronic general catarrhal gingivitis has been assessed. After the comparative analysis of the results before and after the therapy, there has been detected positive dynamics of the therapy on the basis of the data of the laboratory and clinical observations.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):38-40
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Therapeutic capabilities of the new chewing herbal remedy in treatment of lichen planus of the oral mucosa

Chuykin S.V., Akmalova G.M., Kudashkina N.V., Egorova E.G.


Herbal medicine is now becoming more common, because when it’s used is minimal risk of side effects and allergic reactions. The aim of the work was to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of the new chewing herbal remedy, containing beeswax and medicinal extracts, consisting of English oak bark, grass Hypericum perforatum, and creeping thyme herb in the treatment of lichen planus of the oral mucosa. The study was performed involving 112 patients with various forms of lichen planus of the oral mucosa in age from 24 to 70 years. The first group included 54 patients, who as part of a new treatment used chewing herbal remedy containing beeswax and medicinal extracts. In the second group were 58 people, who as part of a treatment applied chewing agent containing only beeswax. It was found that the new chewing herbal remedy containing beeswax and medicinal extracts, consisting of English oak bark, grass Hypericum perforatum and grass creeping thyme, in the treatment of lichen planus of the oral mucosa has a high efficiency, which was confirmed by positive clinical dynamics in all patients (over rapidflattening of the disappearance of the papules, burning relief, a sense of roughness, tightness, shortening epithelialization of erosions, longer remission in all forms of the disease).
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):40-42
pages 40-42 views

Effectiveness of oral diseases prevention among children of organized groups in Ulaanbaatar

Kuzmina E.M., Gungaased T., Petrina E.S., Borchalinskaya K.K.


A clinical efficacy of the dental prevention program for 3, 6 and 12-years-old children of Ulaanbaatar, developed on the basis of situation analysis and the data of oral health survey is evaluated. The program permits to reduce the risk of dental caries development and increase the effectiveness of oral diseases prevention in children.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):43-44
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Features of the pathology prevention of dental system in athletes involved in power sports

Astashina N.B., Ozhgikhina E.S.


The problem ofprevention ofmajor dental diseases in different population groups in the spotlight. To solve problems to improve the prevention ofpathology of the dental system in athletes conducted a medico-sociological study, aimed at determining their dental status. The survey results showed that only 35.7% of the respondents are aware of the possibility of aggravation of pathological processes in dentition with the active practice contactless power sports; 78.6 per cent of athletes are aware of the need to use sports tyres during sports, but only 7% use it consistently. Analysis of the dental status of athletes, showed that the mean value of the DMFT index was equal to 9.9 + 5,46, and CPITN index - 2 + 0,67. Non-carious lesions of teeth was observed in 60% ofpatients. On this basis it is determined that professional activities should be aimed not only at stabilizing the DMFT index and the reduction index, CPITN, but also on prevention offunctional disorders of the dentition. For the decision of tasks in view new design sports tooth tire and its manufacturing technology. The application sports of dental tires is determined by the fact that while training is provided by holding the lower jaw in the correct centric position. At the moment the load is redistributed to the increased pressure, thereby preventing the development of hypertonicity of the muscles of mastication;, using a construct does not change the diction and aesthetics of the face, so there is no barrier of communication. This can significantly stabilize the condition of the craniomandibular system in adverse conditions of operation that allows for the prevention of diseases of hard tissues of teeth, periodontal and TMJ and dramatically reduce the risk ofpathological changes in dentition.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):45-48
pages 45-48 views

Prevention of chronic generalized periodontitis among reproductive women during their follicular menstrual phase

Mirsayeva F.Z., Gubaidullina L.F.


Prevention of chronic generalized periodontitis aggravation among reproductive women during early and late proliferation stages of the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle has been performed using the algorithm proposed by the authors. Based on clinical, biochemical and immunological results, efficacy ofprevention of the disease aggravation has been shown.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):49-51
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Subjective satisfaction and objective quality of prosthetic dentures, depending on the timing of their operation

Bersanov R.U., Olesova V.N., Novozemtseva T.N., Shmakov N.A., Yuffa E.P., Lesnyak A.V., Chuyanova E.P.


The results of patient satisfaction and quality denture experts in the Chechen Republic, taking into account the service life of prostheses. The high dissatisfaction prosthetics experts prostheses after 5 years of operation.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):52-54
pages 52-54 views

Preparations of medicinal plants in treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa

Goncharova E.I.


The article presents a literature review about the use of drugs of medicinal plants in medical practice in diseases of the oral mucosa.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):55-57
pages 55-57 views

Subjective assessment of the current state of the doctors and dental problems of the population catf

Olesov E.E., Uiba V.V., Khavkina E.Y., Novozemtseva T.N., Chujanova E.Y., Shmakov A.N.


According to the results of the survey of 150 dentists from 10 CATF health care system FMBA of Russia established dental problems CATF service related to the lack of regulations on mandatory preventive examinations of workers with OUT dentist, with low tariffs CHI for dental services, with poor wages and lack of their own homes for young dentists.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):58-59
pages 58-59 views

Ratio of the volume of care provided at the dental diseases in the outpatient setting in the sphere of obligatory medical insurance

Butova V.G., Boykov M.I.


At the Federal level in 2013 in outpatient providers on the program of compulsory medical insurance medical care and dental diseases, installed secondary current indicators per 1000 population: - visits with the preventive purpose - 186,16; - visits to emergency form 14,55; - visit due to illness (one treatment for one disease includes two visits) - 576,33. The resolution of these aspects of the formation of the amount of medical assistance program of the state guarantees offree providing medical care for dental problems is an extremely important issue.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):60-62
pages 60-62 views

Functional structure of dental medical organizations of the Ryazan region

Morozova S.I., Vagner V.D., Peshkov V.A., Gus’kov A.V.


We examine the functional structure of stomatologicheskikh institutions. Based on the analysis the authors developed a dental health organization and held certification agencies according to this document.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2015;19(4):62-64
pages 62-64 views

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