Vol 20, No 5 (2016)


Prospects of improvement of minimally invasive laser technologies in photodynamic therapy dental pathologies

Bazikyan E.A., Chunikhin A.A.


The short historical review on the development of robotic systems and laser technologies in medicine. Shown the possibility of using the laser as a module in the toughest multifunctional robotic complexes in different directions - light scalpel, optical imaging, laser measurements control. Conducted investigations to find the optimal parameters of laser radiation with photomolecular effects on the cell. Designed a prototype of the laser module to a complex robot with the ability to selfapplication in various fields of medicine.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):228-231
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Development of optimal methods of production of metalceramic dental prostheses of a new domestic base alloy of gold

Kolesov P.A., Stepanova G.S., Parunov V.A.


The article shows a method of manufacturing metal-ceramic dental prostheses from the new domestic-based alloy of gold PRAGODENT-PLUS. Justified the use of sandblasting with aluminium oxide with a particle size of 150 μm at an air pressure of 4 ATM, and oxidised firing in vacuum for 5 minutes at a temperature of 960°C for pre-treatment of the surface of the carcass prior to application of the ceramic veneer.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):231-235
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Use of granules of porous titanium nickelide in the experiment

Medvedev Y.A., Usatov D.A.


This study was designed to analyze and compare the osteoplastic value of granulated porous and wiry nickel-titan (NiTi), and than to define the advantages of using this material in clinical practice. methods: Performing this experiment granulated porous and wiry nickel-titan was used as a material to fill the bone cavities. As an experimental model we used laboratory rabbits of Chinchilla breed in standart conditions. The experimental group of rabbits was given general anesthesia (Zoletil) and local infiltrative anaesthisia. Then the alveolar process and the corpus of mandibulawere bared and the bone cavity of 5mm size was formed by fissural dental drill. The cavity was filled by granulated or wiry NiTi, then covered with NiTi net as a membrane. The operative wound above the cavity was sutured layerwise. Comparing between experimental and control groups we can see that cavities filled with NiTi perform better regeneration, faster normal-like trabeculae formation. This completes the proof of osteoconductive and osteoinductive values of granulated porous and wiry NiTi. The intergrouth of the implant proves osteointegrative value of NiTi. Besides, in surrounding tissues no dystrophy ornecrosis process was found, that demonstrates non-toxicity of the material.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):235-237
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The analysis of postoperative complications with the use of modern technologies of osteosynthesis of the lower plate of four-jaw position (to the 130th anniversary of the development hausmann first plate pla stin for fixation of fragments of the lower jaw)

Pankratov A.S.


Made a retrospective study of 82 medical records of patients regarding complications that developed in the post-operative period, after the holding plate osteosynthesis for fractures of the lower jaw. Were analyzed only the patients, who had severe concomitant injuries and somatic diseases. The results of the study showed that only 6 (7,3%) people identified purely technical reasons, which could cause complications. The vast majority (92,7%) of the cases the cause-and-effect relationship preslei of her fond memory quite clearly. Among the defects that can lead to complications, found the following: Pro-free location of plate plates without taking into account the location ofpower lines of osteosynthesis, the use of failure-the exact number of screws; inappropriate choice of clip (the use of mini-plates in the presence of a defect in one or even both cortical plates); the loss of stability of the screw in the bone under the influence of functional loads; damage to the drill tooth roots or the inferior alveolar canal nerve. Disocclusion developed as the inadequate matching of bone fragments, and resulting in secondary dislocation of bone fragments as a result of the vie inadequate fixation. Discussion to date the question remains about the number and location of fixed-Sattorov with the localization of fracture in the angle of the mandible. The results of the present study and the literature review show that the location of one mini-plate at the alveolar edge does not provide the necessary stability of the connection of bone fragments. On the basis of obtained results it is concluded that the likelihood of complications in the postoperative period can be substantially reduced by the introduction of the regulation of the operation of the osteosynthesis of the lower jaw, justified from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):237-244
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Strategy of development of the domestic dental material sciences in the field of alloys of noble metals. Part 3. The palladium-based alloys for metalceramic dental prostheses

Parunov V.A.


The third part of the study devoted to a detailed analysis of existing alloys for dental prostheses based on palladium. The analysis of the dental palladium alloys in terms of composition and coefficient of linear expansion temperaturnogo. Studied Russian dental alloys based on palladium.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):245-247
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Effective prevention and complex treatment of periodontal diseases using vitafon therapy

Garus Y.N., Antoshkieva R.M.


The main purpose of this study is to improve the effectiveness of the treatment of chronic generalized catarrhal gingivitis in the acute stage (HGKGO) using complex treatment modalities, including antiseptic «Octenisept», antioxidant «Mexidol», «Gialudent № 3» with vitamins B2, B6, C, P, E, infrared therapy mikrovibroakusticheskuyu exposure apparatus «Vitafon-2» determining the duration of treatment and the application HGKGO complex.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):248-251
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Metabolic disorders in chronic generalized periodontitis

Kondjurova E.V., Prytkov V.A., Vlasov A.P., Trofimov V.A., Adamchik R.A.


The paper presents the results of a clinical study of the relationship of the mechanisms of endogenous intoxication and lipid peroxidation in the development of chronic generalized periodontitis in 26 patients aged 30 to 50 years, treated in the national dental clinic and dental clinic № 3, Saransk. It is shown thatfor patients with chronic generalized periodontitis is characterized by the formation of a syndrome of endogenous intoxication, as one of the most important components of the pathogenesis of this disease. Carried out the complex of therapeutic measures (basic therapy) suspends, but does not eliminates endotoxicosis. Confirmation of the presence of endotoxemia in chronic periodontitis on the background of basic therapy is to maintain blood plasma molecular products of lipid peroxidation, which identified and chemiluminescence test, and in the lipids of lipoproteins in the blood. Diagnosed with changes in indicators of free radical oxidation of lipids correlated with parameters reflecting the effects of endogenous intoxication (r = 0,79-0,87), indicating that the relationship between endotoxemia and processes of lipid peroxidation, as the criteria for progression of chronic periodontitis. Performed study demonstrates the lack of desired positive results of traditional therapy for the correction of endogenous intoxication and processes of lipid peroxidation in patients with chronic periodontitis. This fact is the basis for the feasibility of developing new schemes pharmacotherapy of chronic periodontitis.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):251-256
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Intraosseous implantation possibilities for improvement in fixing dentures edentulous

Novozemtseva T.N., Remizova A.A., Uzunyan N.A., Shumakov F.G., Simakova T.G., Pozharitskaya M.M.


In a clinical comparison for 7 years of quality orthopedic treatment fully edentulous prosthetic implant coating with a beam fixing their advantages over traditional complete dentures
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):257-259
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Evaluation of the connective tissue graft with the autologous vascular stromal fraction of lipoaspirate to gingival recession treatment (a 10-year observation)

Perova M.D., Lapina N.V., Fomicheva E.A., Karpyuk V.B., Tropina A.V., Vziatyshev A.A.


Material and methods: In present study evaluated long-term results of connective tissue graft with the autologous lipoaspirate vascular stromal fraction (VSF), without the expansion in vitro, in the treatment ofIB and IIB Classes gingival recessions (test group). In the control group the VSF was not used. Thirty-six somatically healthy patients aged 31.4 ± 11.7 years, 105 recession-type defects were available for the 2,6 and 10-year recall. Efficacy parameters included the tissue recession level (TR), the probing depth of gingival sulcus (PD), width of keratinized gingiva (KTw), clinical attachment level (CAL), percentage of root coverage (RC) and patient esthetically satisfaction were detected. Results: After 10 years, the achieved level of root coverage at 80-100% was detected in 46 of 52 cases in the test, and in 11 cases out of 37 in the control group. The KTw in the test group was 6.3 mm vs 4.9 mm in the control group. CAL was remained at the achieved level (5.1 mm), as for the control group, the regression of this parameterfrom 2.8 mm in 2 years to 2.0 mm in 10 years. PD remained within normal value throughout the observation period. In addition, the use of VSF capable of modifying the regenerated tissue biotype, which affects the degree of patient satisfaction - 96% satisfied with the results vs 87% in the control. For a long-term research, the negative influence of the residual risk factors to the tissue recessions was detected: in these cases the CAL reduced to 3.5 mm in the test group, and this structure completely regressed in the control group. Conclusions: The use of cellular-assisted surgery to the gingival recession showed a 3-fold greater efficiency. Risk factors for progression of recession-type defects must be detected and corrected prior surgical treatment.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):260-266
pages 260-266 views

Method of analysis CT-scans of TMJ in prosthodontics

Potapov V.P., Potapov I.V., Starostina T.N., Zelter P.M., Malceva A.V.


The aim of research was a development method of analysis CT-scans of TMJ that can consider articular head position in sagittal, coronary and axial projections. The CT-scans were made to 20 patients. The clinical example was attached in order to show efficiency of this method. Proposed method of analysis CT-scans recommendedfor using in dentistry and radiology for better diagnosis interpositions TMJ elements.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):266-270
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Thermal dilatation of methyl methacrylates in fixation of full removable post-resection denture

Smerdina Y.G., Martynov S.A., Smerdina L.N.


Study Aim: Ascertain the cause of momentary fixation failure of full removable post-resection hollow acryl denture of upper jaw. Main results: The acryl materials used for manufacture the prosthetic basis is thermally expandable. The area contacting the heater grows peak hot, whereas the area facing prosthetic bed tissues is less heated due to low heat conductivity of the plastic. This causes basis deformation leading to gapping and higher denture mobility. Another factor of increased deformation is volumetric expansion of a denture due to moisture absorption. In real clinical environment, it adds to the expansion effect not to be set off by mucous tunic mobility. This effects sucker impermeability and ultimately leads to fixation failure. Patients with denture of biophysical fixation are strongly advised to abstain from eating hot (50°C and above) food and thermally contrasted food; avoid using maintenance water of over 40°C to exclude surplus moisture absorption. Conclusions: Thermal dilatation of methyl methacrylates at high temperatures may cause a short-term fixation disturbance with three-dimensional models of full removable post-resection dentures. Polyurethane-based structural material is proposed to the manufacturer as an appropriate candidate to produce post-resection denture basis.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):270-273
pages 270-273 views

Pathomorphological characteristics of bisphosphonate osteonecrosis of the jaws

Spevak E.M., Christoforando D.Y.


The article is devoted to the bisphosphonate osteonecrosis of the jaw, which is a complication of bisphosphonate therapy in cancer patients. The article presents the results of a study of osteonecrosis of the jaw in 40 patients with a history of antiresorptive therapy. This group of patients is formed by a retrospective analysis of inpatient and outpatients department patients chemotherapy Stavropol clinical advisory diagnostic Oncology Center and the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery Municipal Clinical Emergency Hospital of Stavropol for the years 2011-2015. The distribution of patients was by sex, age, urbanization, type of primary cancer pathology. In 30 patients (75%) decided to hold the surgical treatment - curettage (n = 10), sequestrectomy (n = 11), partial resection of the jaw (n = 9), with the result that received the opportunity to specify a unique pathologic pattern bisphosphonate osteonecrosis of the jaw in a three histological types: total osteonecrosis (43,33 ± 9,05%), aseptic osteonecrobiosis (33,33 ± 8,61%), osteonecrosis with regeneration phenomena (23,33 ± 7,72%). Informative value of this method in terms of predicting disease outcome. Using Fisher’s exact test (two-way) found that the likelihood of clinical cure was significantly higher (p <0.05) among patients whose tissue samples obtained were identified osteonecrosis regeneration phenomena, than among patients with osteonecrobiosis. In the group with total osteonecrosis failed after a single surgical intervention to eliminate the portion of bone denudation. It was found that the clinical course of bisphosphonate osteonecrosis histologically comparable with degenerative and regenerative manifestations of varying degrees of severity, and the detailed study of the surgical specimens allows to predict the success of treatment of this disease.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):273-276
pages 273-276 views

Combined application of erbium and diode lasers under the control of the operating microscope in the treatment of patients with periapical lesions

Tarasenko S.V., Piyamov R.R., Morozova E.A.


Combined application of erbium and diode lasers under the control of the operating microscope during the treatment of patients with periapical lesions The aimimproving the quality of surgical treatment of patients with periapical lesions by means of laser technology and dental microscope. We performed examination and surgical treatment of 67 patients diagnosed with chronic periodontitis and radicular cyst. 31 patients cystectomy surgery performed with a scalpel and rotary instruments in 36 patients, surgery cystectomy was performed using erbium and diode lasers under the control of an operating microscope. To identify structural changes of the dentin of the resected root surface of the tooth depending on the radiation power of the diode laser the technique of scanning electron microscopy of resected and treated with diode laser root surface of teeth with a capacity of 1.5 watts and 0. 4 watts was performed. The radiation of the diode laser provides a process of obliteration of the dentinal tubules, thereby reducing their microleakage, but the use of a lower power setting helps to reduce the risks of destructive changes in the periapical region. According to clinical, radiological methods, the use of erbium and diode lasers can reduce the tissue trauma during surgery, reduction of postoperative collateral oedema, and pain, until absence, reduction of terms of epithelialization and rehabilitation ofpatients. Assistance with the operating microscope allows to clearly identify the lesion and to perform minimally invasive impact on tissue in the surgical site, which in turn ensures the safety of the causal teeth, and their long life in the postoperative period. Combined application of erbium and diode lasers under the control ofan operating microscope during cystectomy may improve the quality of surgical treatment ofpatients with periapical lesions.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):277-281
pages 277-281 views

The impact of defects of dentition in a state of salivation and local immunity of oral cavity in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2

Shevkunova N.A., Redinov I.S.


The article presents the indicators of the secretory function of salivary glands and local immunity of mouth cavity in type 2 diabetic patients with edentulous space. In 2013-2014, 93 patients divided into 3 groups depending on the dentition were examined. The first group comprised healthy patients with intact and restored fixed dentures, the second one had healthy patients with edentulous space requiring removable denture, and the third group included type 2 diabetic patients with similar edentulous space. The examination determined background and stimulated secretion of salivary glands and local immunity of the mouth cavity. The study found the decrease in functional activity of salivary glands and metabolic potential of salivary neutrophils in type 2 diabetic patients requiring the orthopedic treatment with removable dentures. The analysis of the functional activity of the local protective factors of the mouth cavity in type 2 diabetic patients enables applying methods of immunocorrection for regulating inflammatory processes in orthopedic treatment with removable denture.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):282-284
pages 282-284 views

Analysis of dental clinic patients' rererrals to supervisory authority to assess the quality of medical care

Shashmurina V.R., Andreykin A.B., Osin I.V., Fedorova M.S.


The paper presents an analysis of appeals of citizens about the quality of dental care in Smolensk. By results of the work of the consultative committee of Smolensk regional public organization ofprivate dentists are systematized the most frequent errors of the physicians in performing diagnostic and therapeutic manipulation.
Russian Journal of Dentistry. 2016;20(5):285-288
pages 285-288 views

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